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Your horoscopes for the week September 1 – September 7, 2014

AriesMarch 21 to April 20

Rambunctious Rams approach life in a direct and straight-forward way but all is not as it appears this week, so a much more subtle approach is required. You’re keen to pursue personal projects but don’t neglect the needs of others … clear communication is the key. Venus shifts into your wellbeing zone so look after your health and choose an exercise program you enjoy, with plenty of variety.

TaurusApril 21 to May 21

You’ll have to dig deeper if you want to decipher what’s really going on Taurus – especially when it comes to a child, teenager or friend. Make sure you focus on verified facts, rather than vague fantasies. If you have set ideas about the way the weekend should proceed, then the Aquarian Moon will turn your expectations upside down. So strive to be more flexible, and go with the flow.

GeminiMay 22 to June 21

Your daily job or routine chores may feel like one step forwards and two steps back. Saturn and Mars encourage you to persevere and keep your motivation levels high. As birthday great Lily Tomlin said “The road to success is always under construction.” Venus visits your domestic zone [from September 6-30] so strive to make your home a haven of peace, love and domestic harmony!

CancerJune 22 to July 23

Trust is a big issue in a romantic or platonic relationship this week Crabs. Avoid the temptation to stew over perceived slights and hold onto grudges. Find room in your heart to forgive and forget. The Moon and Saturn are at odds on Sunday, which sets your frustration levels on high. If something’s not working, then leave it for another day – and move on to a less complicated project.

LeoJuly 24 to August 23

Your recuperative powers are strong as you rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Mid-week is the time to initiate professional projects and make financial decisions, as Pluto boosts your business acumen. With Jupiter jumping through your sign, you’re ready to shine! Be inspired by birthday great Freddie Mercury “I always knew I was a star. And now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me.”

VirgoAugust 24 to September 23

Car problems need to be attended to ASAP. Being a super-perfectionist is fraught with frustrations though, so try to take things in your stride. On the weekend, it will be hard for others to resist your voluptuous Virgo charms. So ask your partner for the Moon and the stars, and they might just deliver. Looking for your soul mate? Send out the appropriate signals – and then go after them.

LibraSeptember 24 to October 23

Mercury moves into your sign which is terrific for talking, texting and tweeting [but resist the urge to be indecisive]. Money matters are on your mind as you weigh up the pros and cons of spending verses saving. Librans appreciate the finer things in life [you’re a happy hedonist] but, in the current economic climate, strive to reign in your love of luxury and learn to live on less.

ScorpioOctober 24 to November 22

With mighty Mars moving through your sign [until September 14] it’s time to get some firm direction as you tackle projects with courage, confidence – and plenty of Scorpio chutzpah. Plus Pluto power boosts your ability to affect others deeply via a social media blitz; a local community project; or an international initiative. Don’t waste the opportunity to make a real difference.

SagittariusNovember 23 to December 21

Work and business get a welcome boost from the Sun/Pluto trine, as others sit up and listen to what you have to say. But don’t even think about cutting corners Archers. If you are slap-dash and take short-cuts, it will only backfire and you’ll just end up having to do everything twice. If you are organized and focused, then you can move mountains and still have time for fun and games!

CapricornDecember 22 to January 20

This week many Capricorns will be given the chance to heal an old emotional wound or patch up a long-standing relationship problem, courtesy of the powerful Sun/Pluto trine. Accept the opportunity gratefully, with outstretched hands and an open heart. Don’t let false pride stop you from taking a massive leap forward when it comes to love, family, forgiveness and personal transformation.

AquariusJanuary 21 to February 19

Being cool and detached [your usual modus operandi] won’t work this week. With Jupiter racing through your relationship zone, passion and enthusiasm are what’s required when it comes to romance. Singles – be proactive and go looking for love! You’ll feel right at home this weekend, as the Moon moves through Aquarius and you mix with creative friends and bohemian colleagues.

PiscesFebruary 20 to March 20

If you’re planning a business trip or heavenly holiday then don’t leave things until the last minute. Now is the time to do your homework, go through your itinerary and organize your paperwork. With Venus moving through your relationship zone [from September 6-30] aim to be much more positive about partnerships Pisces. If things aren’t going well, a dash of diplomacy will help.

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